• Fascial Stretch Therapy

Iva Brings FST to the Crystal Coast!


Stretching NateThe Crystal Coast welcomes its first certified Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Practitioner to Eastern North Carolina!!

Iva Unterweiser has recently relocated back to the Crystal Coast and brings with her the experience and advanced training of this innovative and cutting edge assisted stretching technique. FST is a unique and complete table-based assisted stretching system that focuses on the fascia (connective tissue) as the key element in achieving optimal flexibility, strength and performance.

Many pro athletes and amateurs are being treated with FST to prevent injury, decrease recovery times and improve sport performance. Athletes that have had treatment, have either reported immediate increases in strength, tension free or pain free range of motion, better mental acuity, and better training techniques.

Results of one FST session.
Results of one FST session.

FST is not just for athletes but is also for anyone who is experiencing chronic pain (lower back, shoulders) and mobility issues (stiff joints, trouble bending or reaching) . Once you’ve had a session, you will be amazed at the immediate effects of FST.

The fact that a client or athlete can walk-in with discomfort or declining performance and, after a treatment, walk out feeling brand new and mobile again, is the reason why FST works!  Most clients continue treatments beyond feeling restored because the overall relaxed feeling allows the body to perform better in life and sports.

Now serving Carteret and Onslow County contact Iva for more information or to schedule a session.